a woman enrolls at in pennsylvania outpatient addiction treatment center programs.Outpatient addiction treatment centers typically focus on providing patients with care and support for addiction recovery in a non-residential setting. Many of those who enter outpatient programs have already completed some type of residential program or detox. However, residential programs are not right for everyone. Those who need to keeping working during recovery, who have families to take care of, or who just need a little more support could benefit from a Pennsylvania outpatient addiction treatment center. At Positive Pathways, we provide a variety of programs and counseling at our addiction treatment centers in Pittsburgh and Cranberry Township. To learn more about our Pennsylvania outpatient addiction treatment center programs, contact Positive Pathways today. 

Benefits of an Outpatient Addiction Treatment Center

In a residential inpatient treatment program, clients are limited in where they can go or who they interact with. However, in outpatient programs, clients can continue working, caring for their family, and taking part in hobbies they love. Additionally, outpatient treatment is an ideal time for those struggling with substance abuse issues to find a network of support. 12-step programs can be a great start for finding others who have overcome similar struggles. Other benefits of Pennsylvania outpatient addiction treatment center programs include:

  • Extra support for those who have moved on from inpatient rehab
  • Learn skills and strategies for avoiding temptation
  • More autonomy than inpatient rehab
  • Flexibility in designing and scheduling your recovery program
  • The ability to work, go to school, and spend time with family
  • Less expensive than inpatient options
  • Typically covered by insurance
  • Effective at treating mild to moderate substance use disorders

For some, inpatient addiction treatment centers are still the best option. Our qualified staff can assess whether you are ready for an outpatient addiction treatment center through an evaluation. Don’t let addiction keep its hold on you for another day. Contact Positive Pathways to find out how we can help.

Our Pennsylvania Outpatient Addiction Treatment Center

Our staff is also trained in treating co-occurring disorders. Many who struggle with substance abuse also have a mental illness. However, traditional addiction treatment often does not address mental health or family concerns. And mental health treatment often ignores substance abuse issues. In reality, these issues are often connected, so we work to help you find healthy coping methods. 

Pennsylvania outpatient addiction treatment programs provide those recovering from addiction with necessary support as they transition back into their everyday lives. Outpatient rehab is ideal for those who are familiar with the strategies and tools needed to live a life free of addiction but would still like extra support in staying sober. Additionally, outpatient treatment allows those in recovery to work or go to school while they receive ongoing care.

 It’s important to remember that relapse is most common right after an individual exits residential treatment. The support of our experienced staff, as well as necessary medical interventions, can help.

Contact Positive Pathways Today

At our Pennsylvania outpatient addiction treatment center, we offer the following services:

  • Treatment for co-occurring disorders – Our staff is uniquely qualified to treat those who have both a substance abuse disorder and a psychiatric diagnosis
  • Trauma work – Our professionals can help you find healthy coping mechanisms to deal with the consequences of trauma
  • EMDR – Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy can help you heal from traumatic events
  • Medication-assisted treatment programs – Medications like Suboxone and Vivitrol can also help manage cravings

We can meet all of your recovery needs in one convenient location. Whether you require higher levels of outpatient care or you need to stay connected to long-term outpatient drug treatment, Positive Pathways can help. Our experienced staff can assess your situation and guide you toward the right program for your recovery. Contact Positive Pathways at 412.224.2812 today to learn more about our Pennsylvania outpatient addiction treatment center programs.